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About me

I like building things!

Analytical and self taught Software Developer who has an obsession with product quality, Strong in design and building fully modular front-end web application and secure back-end. Expert in JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Strongloop/Loopback,Sails.js, Python, Django, Angular 2+, HTML. CSS and NoSQL database. Skilled in developing RESTful services and web applications. Flexible in working with both front-end and back-end. I also have an obsession with performance and scalability of my application and the infrastructure. I have a strong backgroud in GNU/Linux(Debian based) and Cloud based services like Azure and AWS.

When it comes to JavaScript, i never "await" while i have an asynchronous bug!


Application Development

Full stack web applications from API to Single Page Web Applications. I can work with NoSQL or SQL databases

Cloud Management

Scaling and Deploying clusters in AWS or Azure. Making Serverless Applications and Cloud Networking

Security Testing

As a "Savy" Developer. Reverse Engineering and Pentesting is my passion. I also write blogs about security and secure development


If you are interested to collaborate

email me at nafishasnian@gmail.com